Script description


  • the script adds a package and a target record to ecos.db (sw/ecos-2.0/package)
  • the script creates a folder in (sw/ecos-2.0/package/hal/microblaze/) with the name which you filled in for board name
    • spaces in the name are replaced by underscores
  • run the script in your design folder
  • the script takes no parameters
  • an example of usage is given here

Know limitation

  • the script failed on paralel system when you use eCos BSP on Microblaze CPU which is not zero labeled


  • this script is only for developing purposes
    • the script unpacks the prepared shell to your project
    • run the script in your project
    • the script creates a shell folder and starts to compile eCos shell application

Know limitation

  • shell uses printf messages which break application and kernel


  • the script is located at tools/src/
    • the script is not in your path
  • the script compiles the configtool
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