Add custom board to mONeCos

  • A custom board can be added by mon_new_platform
    • the script description is here
  • Move to your design folder
    • for reference designs to hw/design folder
    • for custom designs to hw/user-design folder
  • Run mon_new_platfrom script there
    • script is in your path
  • The following log shows correct output of mon_new_platform script
[monstr@monstr Xilinx-Spartan3E1600-RevA-edk92-opb]$ mon_new_platform
Distribution is set corectly
Thank you for using this simple script


Script not found?

  • go to mONeCos root folder and source script
[monstr@monstr ~]$ cd /home/projects/ecos/
[monstr@monstr ecos]$ .
Your ECOS root is set to '/home/projects/ecos'

Script failed

Script failure may indicate two problems

  • first – you forgot to set your software BSP
    • open MSS file
    • find latest ecos BSP record
  • second – you forgot to build library
    • in EDK: Software → Generate Libraries and BSPs
    • in shell: make -f system.make libs
  • more infomation about script
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