Operating systems in general

Difference between Standalone App and OS

source SUZAKU SoC Design.pdf

Standalone Applications

  • User application is only program run on uP
  • Direct access to all system resources
  • Uses C library provided by Xilinx
  • Compiled by Xilinx's modified GCC (mb_gcc)
  • Fast, simple, only Xilinx toolchain reguired
  • Limited function: no server, no IPC, etc.
  • User must handle all communications

Applications with OS

  • OS (e.g. uClinux) loaded first into uP
  • User application run as a normal program under the OS
  • OS and user application all compiled using cross development tools
  • Complicated and may have OS everheads
  • Feature rich: all you can get from an OS
  • User applications access hardware resource throught APIs included in the OS

Others operating systems


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