Work preparation

This manual gives you introduction how to work with mONeCos distribution on Microblaze CPU.

mONeCos distribution is tested under:

  • CentOS 5.1
  • CentOS 4.5 (recompilation of configtool required)

Operation under Cygwin hasn't been tested yet but it will be possible in near feature.

System setup:

  • Download mONeCos distribution from mainpage
  • Unpack eCos distribution tarball to your location
    • my location is in /home/projects folder
mkdir /home/projects/
cd /home/projects/
gunzip -9c monecos-distr_pre_v1.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  • Move to mONeCos distribution and source script
    • script sets up shell variables, without this you can't work with mONeCos
[monstr@monstr ~]$ cd /home/projects/monecos/
[monstr@monstr monecos]$ .
Your ECOS root is set to '/home/projects/monecos'
  • continue with testing configtool here
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