eCos configuration tool is a graphical tool to help a user configure and build a custom version of the eCos operating system. In mONeCos distribution, there is a precompiled version of this tool.

Configtool preparing

  • test precompiled configtool version included in distribution
    • you have to compile configtool yourself
    • use compilation script (mONeCos/tools/src/tool) from distribution which follows manual at ConfigTool
    • after compilation, use script to add compiled configtool to your path
  • running configtool is described below

[monstr@monstr ~]$ configtool

  • if you see welcome page with i386 architecture your configtool works well

Welcome page


Segmentation fault

You don't have permission to work with default folders

[monstr@monstr monecos]$ configtool
[b7ef86d0 M 08:49:25] Failed to change to /home/monstr/.eCosPlatforms from /home/projects/monecos
[b7ef86d0 M 08:49:25] Failed to initialize any targets
Segmentation fault
  • Solution 1: Look at to your home folder on .eCosConfigTool file and change paths

CentOS 5.1

  • you have to install some packages before you start use and compile config tools
  • here is the list of packages
    • yum install tcl-devel.i386
    • yum install tk-devel.i386
    • yum install libXi-devel.i386
    • yum install glib-devel.i386
    • yum install gtk+-devel.i386
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