Reference designs

In mONeCos distribution you can find some reference designs. These designs are placed in hw/design folder. In pre-built folder, there are placed bitstream, RedBoot and eCos with a test application.

List of reference designs

BoardDesignReference design nameeCos template nameRedBooteCos
S3E1600EopbXilinx-Spartan3E1600-RevA-opb-edk92Xilinx Spartan3e1600 opb edk92 yesyes
S3E1600EplbXilinx-Spartan3E1600-RevA-xps-edk92Xilinx Spartan3e1600 xps edk92 yesyes
ml505plbXilinx-ml505-xps-edk92Xilinx ml505 xps edk92yesin progress
  • for eCos configuration use ecos BSP or top BSP.
  • read design rules below
  • continue with the manual here

Design rules

  • use only supported peripherals for working with mONeCos
    • for different IPs is necessary to change BSP - for this please contact me
  • run ecos BSP before you start building bitstream
  • Microblaze limitation
    • use MSR instruction
    • use Barrel shifter
  • locate BRAM memory from zero address
  • check correctness of CORE_CLOCK_FREQ_HZ
  • current eCos BSP checks if your system contains minimally one uart16550 because only this driver is fully supported in eCos kernel
    • if you don't have uart16550 and you have one uartlite BSP shows warning about and you may have some problems with compilation
    • look at reference design - you can see that every system contains uart16550 and uartlite
    • if uartlite is in your system and it is enabled in configtool, RedBoot sends output to both serial interface but you can only work with uartlite

Supported peripherals

CategoryIP nameVersionState
Serialopb_uart165501.00.dFull support
xps_uart165501.00.aFull support
opb_uartlite1.00.bBSP support
xps_uartlite1.00.aBSP support
Diagnostic outputopb_uart165501.00.bXdriver support
xps_uart165501.00.aXdriver support
opb_uartlite1.00.bXdriver support
xps_uartlite1.00.aXdriver support
Ethernetopb_ethernetlite1.01.bXdriver support
xps_emaclite1.00.aXdriver support
GPIOxps_gpio1.00.aSimple support
opb_gpio3.01.bSimple support
Storagesysace PowerPC support
Timeropb_timer1.00.bFull support
xps_timer1.00.aFull support
Interrupt controlleropb_intc1.00.cFull support
xps_intc1.00.aFull support

  • Simple support – Support in BSP and simple eCos driver
  • Full support – Support in BSP and native eCos driver
  • Xdriver support – Support in BSP and eCos driver based on Xilinx drivers
  • BSP support – Support only in BSP
  • PowerPC support – The driver exists for PowerPC405
  • Works – Working with current eCos version - partial support
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